Kayama Natsuko JUC-802
Kayama Natsuko      JUC-802

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  • Original title: Kayama Natsuko JUC-802
  • Gender: Busty
  • Year: 2012
  • Language: JAPANESE
  • Quality: DVDrip
  • Visualization: 4440 veces

Kayama Natsuko, Kurosawa Nachi 加山なつこ 黒沢那智 JUC-802 Mother, Natsuko who is worried about son, * during 2 waves. A certain evening, * are ya* iokaketekita to Natsuko who they are satisfied with masturbation without being able to endure every day, and sleeps of study pickles. Resist it, but forgive just body in a figure sincere, to appeal to \"to try study hard\" first. Thereafter be Sexless, and, in Nachi of the Private teacher which knew the Koto that it becomes the custom, oneself begins to complain with a husband if absorbed in Masturbation every night. However, Nachi that wants to break off the frustration of own appeals to Natsuko for terrible suggestion. 2浪中の息子・茂に頭を悩ませる母・なつこ。ある晩、茂が勉強漬けの毎日にガマン出来ず自慰に満足して眠るなつこへ夜這いをかけてきた。最初は抵抗するが「勉強を頑張るから」と真摯に訴える姿に、つい身体を許してしまう。以来それが習慣となっていることを知った家庭教師の那智は自分も夫とセックスレスで毎晩オナニー三昧だと愚痴りだす。しかし自身の欲求不満を解消したい那智がなつこに対しとんでもない提案を呼びかけ。

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