Aimi Yoshikawa (STAR-399)
Aimi Yoshikawa     (STAR-399)

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  • Original title: Aimi Yoshikawa (STAR-399)
  • Gender: Busty
  • Year: 2012
  • Language: JAPANESE
  • Quality: DVDrip
  • Visualization: 5759 veces

Yoshikawa Aimi 吉川あいみ (STAR-399) 可愛い笑顔・ウブさ・○い仕草、まるで子供の様な吉川あいみ。初めて人に見せたその体は、華奢で白く驚くほど綺麗なHカップだった。男性器を見た事も触った事も無いほどの純粋無垢な少女がカメラの前で初めての手コキ・フェラ。体験人数が1人のあいみがカメラの前で段々と感じ、快感に体を震わせるSEX。SOD史上もっともあどけなく美しいウブな少女がデビュー。 There is pretty smile, Ubu sa ・○, and Yoshikawa like the child sees each other in a gesture, a circle. The body of the So which I showed a person for the first time was white in delicateness, and were H Cups beautiful surprisingly. The girl who is pure Muku as I did not need to touch that I watched male genitals either is the first Hand Job Fellatio in front of a camera. SEX which I gradually feel the Aimi that the experience-based number of people is alone to be in front of a camera, and trembles in a pleasant feeling. The girl who is the Ubu which SOD is the most innocent in history, and is beautiful makes her debut.

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