Idols Garden - Ai Sato (OHO-019)
Ai Sato (OHO-019)
Ai Sato     (OHO-019)

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  • Original title: Ai Sato (OHO-019)
  • Gender: Busty
  • Year: 2012
  • Language: JAPANESE
  • Quality: DVDrip
  • Visualization: 4787 veces

Ai Sato 佐藤愛 (OHO-019) あいは理想のお兄ちゃんが欲しいのね。イケメンで優しくて、手をつないで歩いてくれる王子様みたいなお兄ちゃん。理想のお兄ちゃん探しを手伝って欲しいのね?お兄ちゃん学校の先生なんだから、イケメンの生徒いっぱいいるでしょ?新任の先生もオッケーよ。体育の先生なんかいいなぁ、だってセックスはスポーツでしょ?やっぱり体力のあるイケメン、汗の似合うイケメン。理想のお兄ちゃんが見つかるまでは、ガンバッテもらうからね! An ideal older brother wants the Ai. An older brother such as the Oujisama which I am good-looking and am tender, and walks hand in hand. Do want you to help with search for ideal older brother? Because it is the teacher of the older brother school, are there a lot of good-looking students? The new teacher is OK. When it is physical educator nankaiinaa,, is Sex Sports? After all a good-looking man having physical strength, the good-looking man who look good with the sweat. Get ganbatte until an ideal older brother is found!

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