Mikoto Mochida CRC-050
  • Original title: Mikoto Mochida CRC-050
  • Gender: Busty
  • Year: 2012
  • Language: japanese
  • Quality: DVDrip
  • Visualization: 3638 veces

Mikoto Mochida 持田美琴 CRC-050 男根を1時間シャブってないと発作が起きて、実栄えなく男根を頬張る男根依存症という不治の病に冒されてしまったみこちゃん。原因は全く不明とされており、これといった治療法も特にない。自然治癒という選択枝しか残されていない奇病と闘うみこちゃんが、唯一頼りにしているのが、お兄ちゃんで、お兄ちゃんさえいれば、発作が起きても、すぐに、男根をしゃぶることが出来て、外出中も全く心配ないのである。 The medium that penes have been attacked by the incurable disease called the penes dependency that an attack was taking place for one hour if there was not dope, and the fruit did not prosper, and to stuff its mouth with penes. The cause is considered to be ignorance really, and there is not the particular cure particularly, too. Even if an attack gets up if even an older brother is in older brothers, it can suck penes immediately that medium fighting against the rare disease that is not left relies on only a choice branch called the spontaneous cure alone, and we do not have to worry during going out at all.

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